#Headcannon sugar sugar rune

immasorry, 2015年5月3日

Chocola was kidnapped with Pierre when they were small and both were proclaimed king and queen … Chocola was really powerful but she didn’t like being queen so she always escaped to play with Vanilla. At a certain point she renounced the title of Queen but couldn’t destroy the dark heart they gave her when she was small… Ice didn’t like Chocola going away so he made Pierre forget everything about her as a punishment so when they rencounter he doesn’t remember her and she has to pretend and cancel her emotions..

(Some time later)

Pierre encouraged by Ice asks Chocola to be their queen but when she refuses he goes to Vanilla who accepts. .

(At a party in their magical world)

Vanilla enters accompanied by Pierre and Chocola understands what happened and decides to do something. She tries to anger Vanilla even more saying mean things and revealing that she is the real queen and that Vanilla is only a replacement to get her poisoned heart and save her soul, as she gets Vanilla’s dark heart something happens and she transforms to her true beautiful, elegant and adult like self and returns being the dark and powerful queen.

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